The ideal, they think, is the body beautiful of the newsstand magazines. - Ida Rolf
Soul and body react sympathetically upon each other; a change in the state of the soul produces a change in the shape of the body and conversely, a change in the shape of the body produces a change in the state of the soul. - Aristotle

Structural Integration is a process of re-educating the body through movement and touch. It systematically releases patterns of stress and impaired function. The primary focus of Structural Integration is to facilitate a healthy relationship between gravity and the body.

By lengthening and opening connective tissue, the thickened, toughened tissue becomes soft, re-hydrated, and more pliable, renewing movement and flexibility. Structural Integration changes the body’s compensations as it organizes and balances the tissues. The systematic approach to relate gravity through the myofascial layers aligns the body and improves posture. As your body lengthens it allows each muscle the space it needs to work and give joints the freedom to function properly.

Any imbalance in the body, no matter what the cause, changes the internal structure and has a cumulative effect. The body needs assistance to realign to its original state. Message Therapy manipulates the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being.

This calming therapy dates back thousands of years and is used to heal the body’s imbalances. Tissue shortening, thickening, and de-hydration can impair joint mobility and muscle function. Massage is successfully used to relieve chronic pain, discomfort, stiffness, decreased flexibility and impaired movement. Used to create inner peace, massage promotes greater self-confidence and a decrease in stress. It heals the entire body and mind allowing clients to make significant shifts in their behavioral and emotional patterns.